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25th-May-2006 09:32 pm - It will be awesome.
art: life in watercolor
Hello lovely Taichi members. :D

At least the few that remain online and aren't MIA.

I need a list of what character represented everybody, since I pretty much don't have links anymore. ;-;

Also a full list of the family would be nice, if anyone could provide. And a list of any special (made up or actually threaded) events that occured. :)

I may be doing a project, but with my lazyness, who knows. ^^
30th-Oct-2005 10:42 pm - Erm...
Fionna [[Adventure Time]]
Hello my beloved family ^_^

I'm not sure if any of have noticed, but Padded Walls doesn't seem to exist anymore. Also, the Taigo website doesn't seem to work on my computer. I'm not sure if it's me or something else. Just thought I'd bring this to attention.

I decided back in July to watch seasons 1 and 2 of Digimon again. I'm only on the Dark Master's saga of season 1 so I'm nowhere near done yet. I'm going at a very slow pace. Did any of you notice that in the episode where Garurumon digivolves for the first time, there's a part where Tai walks across Seadramon's tail and from the waist up he's not there? XD It's really creepy, you should go check it out if you have that episode.

[EDIT]: Also, I thought this colorbar would look nice in the profile. The Taichi one that is.
16th-Sep-2005 05:25 pm - Said a woman to her waiting guru...
art: life in watercolor
Dude and dudettes, where has CCM disappeared to?

Random curiosity update. w00t.

Also, how are most of you doing? :D I owe some of you letters. XD
16th-May-2005 03:31 am - Kiwi needs YOUR help!
Keon, sweatervest
I am sorry to be posting two subjects in a row; but Ringo bullied me into asking here. So I have spanned the globe in search of many digimon songs I have lost through reformats and such. Now I need you my loving Taichi family to help me out; I need these songs:

Issho ga Ii ne
Bokura No Digital World
Zettai Alright
Shinka De Guts

If any of you have these or know where to get them post in here or send em to me at my email address that is at the following location that you might be able to reach me as I check this email on an almost daily basis because this is what you do with email addresses ho ho ho.


thankies in advance.
9th-May-2005 03:25 pm - I may be a bit late..
AYU - Je t'aime
Wai Wai

however, to my dear Satori-mama, absentaserpis...

You're the best Taichi Family Mama, EVAR <3

*Hiiro no Miko
17th-Apr-2005 04:34 am - Umm hi...
Keon, sweatervest
So...does everyone still like ummm stuff?
9th-Feb-2005 07:54 pm - :p
Jung// Straw
Ok this is really old, but I found it and I was likr... wooooo yeah so enjoy the old fanfic of doooom

Heero's MistakeCollapse )
27th-Jan-2005 04:36 pm - Far away.
art: life in watercolor
Hey fam! (Those still lurking around anyway.)

I just wanted to ask if anyone wanted to be pen pals. I like writing letters (I think because of the abundance of paper I have. lol.) and it's always fun to recieve them. I already have Wolfy's and Shorty's addy's (I'll get you yours soon! lol.) and I promise I won't stalk any of you. XD (I don't have the money! Ahaha.) So if you want to swap addy's e-mail me okies? :)


Much luff!
11th-Jan-2005 11:51 pm - Hiya all
Jung// Straw
Hey every one... I made this a few minutes ago... cause I was reminising...


hope you all like.

Cusa <3
24th-Dec-2004 02:26 pm - merri kurisumasu...!!!
merry christmas to the taichi family!!! happy holidays..!! xD is everyone enjoying their winter vacation?! ^^
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