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Taichi Family
The Original Family
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22nd-Jun-2009 03:18 pm(no subject)
funny// toaster

Pururu and Kiwi

Ok here are Pururu and Kiwi...

Misk had a fic she was writing way back in the day where the Taichi family went to Hogwarts. She said that because some of the family were animals (digimon lolz) that they had magic put on them so that they could blend in with the peoples. So wa la! People Pururu and Kiwi!

17th-Jun-2009 01:51 pm - 9th anniversary
funny// toaster
To celebrate 9 years of cracky cracky family goodness...  I've decided to make some craptacular pictures.

The first is dedicated to my twins Koro and Wolfy.... <3

Koro and Wolfy

I will be randomly posting these things of the whole family for a while (I have some for every one) and probably wont stop until I get bored. ^__________^ 

Its also because I got a new(ish) program that I have no idea how to use.... and I need to play around with it... yay!

art: life in watercolor
armadillomon237: [bounces around] Pet me pet me pet me PET MEEEEEE!!!

Outkast Child of Silence : Ew, no. :b

armadillomon237: ;_; PET MEEEE!!!!!!!

Shorty of denial : ;_; armi what have i said before about you flirting with oneechan? she's your cousin..INCEST! ! !

armadillomon237: I wasn't flirting Shorty! If you think that a cute little dog/mouse/WHATEVER thing screaming pet me to his cousin is incest then you're mind is perverted!

Outkast Child of Silence : *almost chokes on her DOTS candy from laughing so hard*

armadillomon237: -.-; Well... make the most of it!
[jumps around and looks cyute]

Outkast Child of Silence : AW! Armi so cyute! XD *picks him up and huggles him*

armadillomon237: [goes into shock]
Kiyra......is huggling me.......her being nice is....... so... surprising!

Outkast Child of Silence : *giggles* Squishy widdle Armi-chan! :D

armadillomon237: [twitches]

Outkast Child of Silence : AW! How cute! Twitching so cyute! XD

armadillomon237: ¬.¬ [glares suspiciously with his irrisitable mouse eyes] Something HAS to be up....

Kiwimon: *sneaks out the backdoor*
Too much sugar in here for my liking

Outkast Child of Silence : *grabs kiwi before he's totally out* KYUTE!!!

Kiwimon : ack I can't break free of her hold!!!
She's somehow gained superhuman strength

Outkast Child of Silence : *huggles him* Aww!!! Kyutey wootie!

Kiwimon : I can't handle this
14th-Feb-2007 12:39 am - HA HA HA
art: life in watercolor

Our walll.. SO baddd. Whyyyy. XD
4th-Nov-2006 08:51 pm - <3 Merry Christmas
funny// toaster
<3 Family <3

Who is still alive and kicking?

I'v gotten into the habbit latly of drawing pics of the family... So, for this very loverly Christmas coming up soon i;ll start posting them for every one. Tell me if you are keeping your old look or you have something new and exciting!

ok baibai

here is a list (stolen partly from Wolfy) of what people were way back in the day.. if this has change let me know

Ringo: Ringo pan from delicous
Kiwi: Genma from Ranma 1/2
Shorty: Usagi from Salior moon
Warfee: WarPhoenixmon
Satori: Hikaru from Rayearth
Kiyra: Tarou from Card captor Sakura...
Armi: Armadillomon
Litta: Squall from FF8
Chris: Sonic the Hedgehog
Xagu: Xagumon
Pururu: Pururumon
CCM: Minako from Sailor Moon
CUsa: Miharu from Girls Bravo (it changed from Rini of Sailor moon)
BYOB: Tasutki from Fushigi yuugi
Koro: Terriermon
RPGV: Veemon
Misk: Michiru from Sailor Moon

17th-Aug-2006 06:18 pm - I'm on a mission
Fionna [[Adventure Time]]
I'm on a search for a certain picture.

A long time ago there was a conversation on Megchan's about Taichi's cooking skills and his fondness for eggs. Somehow we got on the topic of Taichi frying the pokemon, Togepi. Someone had drawn a picture of Taichi standing in the kitchen frying Togepi.

I was just wondering if anyone still has that picture or have seen it recently on the Internet. Thanks in advance for the help :D
1st-Aug-2006 12:52 am - Back...
Well, fellow taichi-ers, it has been a long time.

The hedgehog, sora-lover, the old taichi forum mod, is back.

yup, it's Chris! : )

Wow! I didnt know you all still kept in touch!!! It has been SO GOOD reading the names of my family! Thanks to Kiyra for bringing me back!!!

My gosh. How old is everyone? Where are your lives headed? Anybody married? I'll start...I'm 20 years old and in school for Christian ministry. Still a Digimon fan (only of Adventure and 02). Come on, I want to hear from you!!!

22nd-Jun-2006 02:25 pm - MISSING:
art: life in watercolor
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
If you have any information pertaining to this lost family member, please report to taichi_family.
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